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For orders via Fax please fill out the  Fax form Medcem and send it to +41 71 620 04 22.

One capsule of Medcem MTA or Pure Portland Cement contains 0.35g and is sufficient for 2 to 3 applications.

NEW: Medcem MTA and Pure Portland Cement are now also available in powder form (7g). 7g are sufficient for 40 to 60 applications.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Dual Rinse® HEDP

Dual Rinse® HEDP 10

The milde chelator for endodontic irrigating solutions The first ever all-in-one irrigant solution

From Fr. 9,53

Medcem MTA®

Medcem MTA® 10

Adequate for all MTA indications Colour stable, also suitable for front teeth

From Fr. 62,21

Medcem Pure Portland Cement®

Medcem Pure Portland Cement® 10

Excellent capping material with superb bio inductive and mechanical characteristics Thanks to its moderate price also suitable for paediatric dentistry

From Fr. 62,21



A unique learning tool for endodontic scholars as well as for experienced practitioners
Representing true anatomies

From Fr. 11,00


RepliDens® radiopaque models specially designed by Medcem for student education in the phantom/dummy head

From Fr. 17,60


Miradent SOS Dentobox

The miradent SOS Dentobox is the ideal transport and storage medium for avulsed teeth and tooth fragments.

Fr. 38,86



Dual Rinse calibrated mixing bowl
Starterset, 3 capsules Medcem Pure Portland Cement® & 3 capsules Medcem MTA®

From Fr. 9,53

Sales Partner

There is also the possibility to order Medcem products through our partners in each country. In this case, please address your requests for prices and conditions directly to our partners.

Sales Partner   Country
BDS Dental AG   Switzerland
Condor Dental Sàrl   Switzerland
Dema Dent AG   Switzerland
Kaladent AG    Switzerland
FTC Dental   Switzerland
ProDentis GmbH   Switzerland
for international distributors see