Medcem - Quality and innovation in endodontology and traumatology

Based on pure Portland Cement, Medcem GmbH developed medical devices in highest quality, which are ideally suited for use in endodontics and traumatology.

New: Dual Rinse® HEDP

A Gordian knot has been cut! Finally, there is an all-in-one irrigating solution in Endodontics. Complicated irrigating protocols are water under the bridge.

Dual Rinse® HEDP

Decalcifying agent for endodontic irrigating solutions.

A Medcem exclusive: Dual Rinse® turns your common sodium hypochlorite solution into an all-in-one root canal irrigant.

All the desired properties of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) remain intact. In addition, Dual Rinse® prevents the formation of a smear layer during instrumentation and conditions the root canal wall for a subsequent filling procedure. Mechanical stress on rotary instruments can be reduced.

One capsule contains approx. 0.9 g of powder, which should be mixed with 10 mL of the sodium hypochlorite solution of your choice directly before treatment.

Medcem MTA®

Medcem MTA®

the one and only second-generation MTA; ideal for surgical endodontics and traumatology

Medcem MTA® is a second-generation MTA consisting of Pure Portland Cement® and a colour-stable radio pacifier. The  radiopacity corresponds to the ISO standard 9917-1.

One capsule contains 0.35g and is sufficient for 2 to 3 applications.

NEW! Medcem MTA is now also available in powder form (7g).

Pure Portland cement® Med-PZ

Medcem Pure Portland Cement®

perfect for pulp therapy in primary and immature teeth 

Pure Portland Cement®Med-PZ is an excellent material for direct and indirect pulp capping in permanent teeth  and in primary tooth endodontics and pulp chamber pulpotomies in primary teeth.

One capsule contains 0.35g and is sufficient for 2 to 3 applications.

NEW! Medcem Pure Portland Cement is now also available in powder form (7g).

Medcem Starterset

Medcem Starterset

put us to the test!

Our Medcem Starterset contains:
3 capsules of  Pure Portland Cement®
3 capsules of Medcem MTA®

One capsule contains 0.35g and is sufficient for 2 to 3 applications. The whole Starter Set is sufficient for 12 to 18 applications.

What our customers say:

Now it’s finally done. Thanks to Medcem I reached my goal of rendering root canal irrigation as easy as possible.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Zehnder
Developer of Dual Rinse and author of “Root Canal Irrigants” (Journal of Endodontics, 2006)

Based on our clinical experience with Medcem Portland Cement in the pulpotomy treatment of primary molars, we can report that this material produces very good biological, clinical and radiographic results.

Prof. Dr. Elena Barberia Leache
Directora del Programa de Atencion Odontologica a Pacientes en Edad Infantil, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

I now use calcium silicate cements by Medcem almost exclusively. Biologically, they give me a good conscience and the clinical success is simply convincing.

Dr. Karin Ziskind
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, longstanding President of the Israeli Society of Pediatric Dentistry

Medcem PC and MTA gained a secure market position due to their unique purity, which stands above above of all other hydraulic silicate cements.

Dr. Richard Steffen
Department of Orthodonics and Pediatric Dentistry, University of Zurich

Medcem MTA is without doubt the MTA with the least tendency to discolour teeth.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Norbert Krämer
University Clinic Giessen / Marburg, Head of Department of Pediatric Dentistry Gießen

With the medical Portland cement by Medcem  "biological" primary tooth endodontics has been rendered economically viable for the first time.

Dr. Hubertus van Waes
Department of Orthodonics and Pediatric Dentistry, University of Zurich