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Dual Rinse® HEDP

Complicated irrigating protocols are water under the bridge.
Finally, there is an all-in-one irrigant solution in Endodontics.

The novel Dual Rinse® concept of continuous cleaning simplifies and
improves the conventional sequential irrigation protocol.

Decalcifying agent for endodontic irrigating solutions. Keeps the canal system clean during instrumentation.

A Medcem exclusive: Dual Rinse® turns your common sodium hypochlorite solution into an all-in-one root canal irrigant.

Medcem MTA®

Choose the Swiss Gold Standard!
Highest quality at the most competitive price.

Suitable for all known MTA indications, such as vital pulp treatment,
perforation repair, apical surgery and traumatology.

Medcem MTA®

Medcem MTA® is a MTA consisting of Pure Portland Cement and a colour-stable radio pacifier. 

One capsule contains 0.35g and is sufficient for 2 to 3 applications.

Medcem Pure Portland Cement®

Excellent capping material - fair price!
Perfect for pulp therapy in primary and immature teeth. Promotes the regeneration of the pulp.

Pure Portland cement® Med-PZ

Medcem Pure Portland Cement® is an excellent material for direct and indirect pulp capping in permanent teeth  and in primary tooth endodontics and pulp chamber pulpotomies in primary teeth.

One capsule contains 0.35g and is sufficient for 2 to 3 applications.


A unique learning tool for endodontic scholars as well as for experienced practitioners representing true anatomies.

Models available:

  • transparent
  • opaque
  • with access cavity
  • without access cavity
  • insufficiently root filled (gutta-percha) for retreatment training
  • immature tooth with open apex for apexification procedures
  • illustration model (6x magnification)


Radiopaque models specially designed for student education in the phantom/dummy head as an alternative for real teeth.

  • Radiopaque models
  • True canal anatomies
  • Difficulty level easy to medium
  • Without prepared access cavity
  • For standardized teaching



Miradent SOS rescue box in tooth accidents



Dual Rinse calibrated mixing bowl
Starterset, 3 Capsules Medcem Pure Portland Cement® & 3 Capsules Medcem MTA®

What our customers say:
Dr.  Filippo Santarcangelo
Simplify the irrigation with Dual Rinse, faster procedure, no blockages and more lateral canal filled!

Dr. Filippo Santarcangelo
Bari, Italy

MDDr. Pavol Podolský

MEDCEM MTA: "Medcem MTA stands out for its perfect handling and homogeneity. It has been remarkably successful in my hands."
DUAL RINSE HEDP: "Dual Rinse HEDP is my preferred irrigant. It is exceptional in cleaning radicular dentin."

MDDr. Pavol Podolský
Specialist Endodontist, Bratislava

Dr. Marc Hunter BDs MSc (†)
Dual Rinse HEDP is the most significant advance in irrigation for years, it is a real "game-changer", ensuring maximum penetration of NaOCl into dentinal tubules whilst cleaning and shaping, not just at the end of treatment.

Dr. Marc Hunter BDs MSc (†)
Past President British Endodontic Society

Prof. Dr. Matthias Zehnder

Now it’s finally done. Thanks to Medcem I reached my goal of rendering root canal irrigation as easy as possible.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Zehnder
Developer of Dual Rinse and author of “Root Canal Irrigants” (Journal of Endodontics, 2006)

Dr. Hubertus van Waes

With the medical Portland cement by Medcem  "biological" primary tooth endodontics has been rendered economically viable for the first time.

Dr. Hubertus van Waes
Department of Orthodonics and Pediatric Dentistry, University of Zurich