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Pure Portland Cement / Mineral trioxyde aggregate for dental use

Medizinischer Portlandzement® MED-PZ

Medcem GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 12, CH-8570 Weinfelden


  1. USE: Med-PZ use only for dental endodontics. Use in personal responsible indication.
  3. WARNINGS: None known.
    1. Med-PZ capsules must be kept tightly closed and must be stored in a dry area to avoid degradation by moisture.
    2. Med-PZ must be placed immediately after mixing with liquid, to prevent dehydration during setting.
  5. ADVERSE REACTIONS: Discolorations of the treated teeth may be possible. In X-Ray no difference to dentin.
    1. Open a capsule and dispense the powder onto a mixing pad.
    2. Gradually incorporate water into the cement.
    3. Mix water and cement to make the material into a thick, creamy consistency.
    4. Mix the material with the water for about one minute to ensure all the powder particles are hydrated.
    5. Adding too much or too little water will reduce the ultimate strength of the cement.
    6. Med-PZ will set over a period of four hours, but working time is about five minutes.

Material Safety Data

  1. HANDLING: This product is intended for dental use only. Do not use opened capsules again.
  2. STORAGE: Store in dry conditions.
  3. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION: Powder may cause strong irritation. Do not incorporate by swallowing or breathing in the material. Do not bring in contact to eyes or mucous membrans. In case of contact use water to rinse.
  4. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS: This product can be disposed of with household waste. Do not allow to enter sewers water.

See directions for use!
Store in a cool and dry place!
Do not reuse already opened capsules
Look at use by! (= EXP)
For questions and any incidents please contact