Dual Rinse® HEDP

Dual Rinse® HEDP is a mild decalcifying agent (chelator) that features unique compatibility with sodium hypochlorite and calcium hydroxide. 

Simply mix our powder immediately before treatment with the sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution of your choice. The combined solution will be useful for 1 hour.

Mix Dual Rinse® HEDP in the autoclavable measuring cup with 10 mL of NaOCl and draw back into a 10-mL syringe. With the resulting solution, all complicated irrigating sequences have become obsolete. The mixture between Dual Rinse® HEDP with NaOCl can be used during root canal instrumentation and also as a final irrigant.

In order to obtain a mildly decalcifying solution without any proteolytic properties, simply mix Dual Rinse® HEDP with sterile physiological saline (1 capsule per 10 mL of solution).