Medcem GmbH


The goal of Medcem GmbH is to produce novel „state of the art“ dentistry products in an innovative assortment and to distribute them.

The motivation to found the Medcem GmbH arose based on research work by Dr. med. dent. Richard Steffen. Dr. Steffen gives lectures and holds a research position at the University of Zurich. He investigated the composition, effect and the side effects of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA). He provided proof that the investigated MTA not only consists of industrially produced Portland cement, but also contain X-ray contrast media. Beyond that, it was shown that this MTA are equal or poorer than Pure Portland cement regarding their clinical, biological and mechanical characteristics.

Based on this research work, Medcem GmbH developed two products based on Pure Portland cement, and successfully introduced them to the market in 2009 and 2013.

Medcem Pure Portland Cement®
Medcem MTA®: a second generation MTA with a colour stable X-ray contrast media

Clinical application confirms not only the excellent biological tolerance of MED PZ and Medcem MTA®, but also shows they are very colour stable and colour neutral in clinical and research usage.  Medcem MTA® is currently the only available second generation MTA in the world.  

In the selection of raw materials, Medcem GmbH lays utmost emphasis on pure high quality raw materials and found an ideal partner in the company Holcim (Switzerland) AG. The Holcim (Switzerland) AG has excellent know how in the area of cement development and production and thus, superb possibilities to deliver Portland cement in required high quality.

The company philosophy of Medcem GmbH can be described as follows.

  • To make high quality products available for milk tooth endodontics with affordable prices.
  • To research and understand the chemistry, physics and mechanics of the Portland cements in their medical application in even more depth.
  • To provide high quality material due to strict inspection of the selection of the raw materials and the processing.
  • To set new standards in the application of dentistry material on MTA basis through an exceptionally comprehensive analysis of the raw materials.
  • To ensure the guidelines of branch-wide „best practice“, „good manufacturing practice“ and „good distributing practice“ in Medcem GmbH.


Dr. med. dent. Richard Steffen and Dr. pharm. Ursula Hoermann founded the Medcem GmbH in 2009. Medcem GmbH is an ISO certified company (ISO 13485:2003)

Dr. med. dent Richard Steffen
Richard Steffen is a children´s dentist with an own practice, and chief physician at the Clinic for orthodontics and children's dentistry, department children´s dentistry at the dentistry centre of the Zurich University.

His expert areas are research concerning Portland cement /MTA, primary tooth endodontics, traumatology of the pulp, regenerative endodontics, nitrous oxide sedation, and oral pathology in children.

Richard Steffen is scientific director of Medcem GmbH and responsible for all development, application and safety matters.


Dr. pharm. Ursula Hörmann

Dr. pharm. Ursula Hoermann
Ursula Hoermann is a pharmacist with a doctorate degree.

She has been active in the market with her own pharmacy in Weinfelden since 2006.
Within Medcem GmbH, Ursula Hörmann is responsible for manufacture and administration.


Marcel Hörmann, lic.iur.

Marcel Hoermann, lic.iur.

Marcel Hörmann is in charge of international sales.